Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our Values

We want to raise a generation of kids up to have biblical foundations in their lives.
We teach kids the bible in chronological order each year hitting on major and minor stories within the bible.  
 We want to equip you as parents so that you teach biblical ideals at home.  

Our Ministry

Our check-in process happens on Sunday mornings from 10:20am-10:45am.
Our regular church service starts at 10:30am—we encourage you to be punctual
but if you are running a little late we will still love to check you in!
Our ministry is run by volunteers with Pastor Jacob Miller as the head leader.
We all have our criminal record checked and practice plan to protect methods to ensure safety for your children.  Nobody will ever be alone with a child and everyone’s safety will be our priority.
Become a Volunteer Leader at Avonhurst Kids to help introduce children to Jesus,
and God's Word in a safe and fun-filled environment.  

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